Friday, March 8, 2013

The Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena, Ca, Part 2

Colorado Bridge, Part 2, Troll Edition: Just recently, I made my return to the infamous Suicide Bridge close to sundown this week. As usual, this magnificent bridge never disappoints. This experience was quite different than my other visits. I was able to find an opening in the fence underneath the bridge, that led to the arroyo below the bridge. This perspective was striking and ominous at the same time. I loved the swooping arches and it's magnificent splendor of dazzling architecture from this vantage point. Just as I made my way below there was a very disturbing looking man eyeballing me from the minute I started shooting pictures. He was trying to intimidate me to turn around, and shoot images elsewhere. I just held my ground and continued to shoot away looking past his gaze, and showing no fear. Glad I stuck around, because this time I was able to get some nice images for the blog. For more history of the paranormal occurrences here at the Pasadena, Colorado Bridge please check out my first post! There are many more pictures. In that post, you will notice that the fence is cut open under the bridge. A resident that lives in the apartments below, said a man jumped to his death the weekend before then. The medical personal cut through the chain-linked fence to retrieve his body. Post comments below if you know any more current stories of the bridge and it's darker history! Thanks for reading. -Jason


  1. Good for standing your ground. That "disturbing looking man" obviously wanted his privacy. To do what? Who knows! There are paranormal tours which visit the bridge at nighttime on occasion.
    Jason, is that you in the photo - The Painter?

  2. Thank you Cafe Pasadena. :) the painter is a local artist that also teaches classes at Pasadena Art Center College of Design. Who needs paranormal tours when you can explore there yourself, without as much sound pollution. The key is to go late(3am) or later when very little cars are passing on the freeway, then you can get some good recordings, and photos without interruption :)