Monday, October 8, 2012

U.S.S. Iowa, San Pedro, Ca

This Sunday I made a trip to see the U.S.S. Iowa. Apparently there was a Turret Explosion On April 19th, 1989, that occurred in turret 2 of the battleship USS Iowa (BB 61) as the ship conducted gunnery practice near Puerto Rico. The explosion, which began in the gunpowder charge of the center gun, spread through the three gun rooms and much of the lower levels of the turret. Forty-seven Sailors died. The problem of storing and handling large quantities of high explosives in a shipboard environment, whether in peacetime or in combat, posed a major challenge for ship and ordnance designers from the earliest enclosed mounts of the late 19th century. The possibility that a fire or explosion anywhere in the turret could spread to the magazines below and sink the ship resulted in continuing refinements to armor (to keep out enemy shellfire), complicated interlocks on powder and shell handling equipment (to prevent fire from having an uninterrupted path to the magazine), and crew procedures (to ensure that the mechanical systems would have a chance to work).

Upon entering the ship, a naval ship volunteer searched my camera bag. Inside he pulled out my K2 meter, used for detecting EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field Meter). He said "very cool! we are known to be haunted by the sailors who lost their lives aboard this ship." I asked him, what have you guys seen or felt? He stated "A guest who was visiting the Iowa almost fell from one of the top decks of the ship, when I invisible hand grabbed him and pulled him back to safety!" I was awestruck by the story, and made me wonder about what still lingers aboard this beautiful vessel.

If you are interested in learning more about the U.S.S. Iowa, please visit their website here:

R.I.P. to all the brave and honorable soldiers that lost their lives aboard this amazing ship...

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  1. I took a photo of some spirits on the USS Iowa on 9-5-14. The photo was taken in a room off the secondary bridge that was dimly lit. It has an image of a pair of legs and a doll like figure on the deck by a table. The photo was taken with an iPhone 4S with auto flash