Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pasadena City Hall, Pasdena, Ca

Located at 100 North Garfield Avenue, City Hall was designed by John Bakewell & Arthur Brown who were influenced by the early Renaissance style of 16th century Italian architect Andrea Palladio. Construction was completed on December 27, 1927.

City Hall is a rectangular edifice outlining a spacious court. On the outside it measures 351 feet north and south, and 242 feet east and west. The east side is a one-story arcade. The other three sides are three stories high, with small towers at each corner and the main dome over the west entrance. The 235 rooms and passageways cover 170,000 square feet.

The massive circular structure rises perpendicularly for six stories. The fifth story is 41 feet high and pierced with four huge round arches and four smaller ones. The next story, set back a little, is 30 feet high and is also pierced with arches. Above it rises the dome 26 feet high and 54 feet across. On top of the dome is the lantern, a column-supported cupola 41 feet high, surmounted by an urn and ball. The highest point is 206 feet above the ground.-City of Pasadena

Although, I have never experienced anything here, there are a couple urban legends involving City Hall in Pasadena. It's a beautiful location, and there are many weddings, wedding photographs, and sight-seeing tours offered in this area. Local artists like myself are always studying the ornate architecture, and design of this historically preserved landmark.

The Ghost(s): There have been reports of Phantom Figures walking around the grounds here late at night. Security have seen a group of full bodied apparitions praying together by the center courtyard fountain.

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