Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Villiains Tavern and the 4th Street Bridge, Los Angeles, Ca

This entire section of Downtown Los Angeles is notorious for apparitions, and shadow people that roam the night-time bridges and underpasses in this district. It's one sketchy part of town at night, so you want to make sure to go in a group to watch each others backs. I have seen some spooky stuff around this area, and Villian's Tavern is within walking distance of these bridges and old factories.

"Nestled among the seemingly abandoned factory buildings south of the 4th Street Bridge in Downtown Los Angeles, Villains Tavern transports you back to a time when shady drinking establishments, whose mission it was to separate factory workers from their wages, thrived in the neighborhood. Restaurateur and interior designer Dana Hollister (Bordello, 4100, Brite Spot, Cliff's Edge) has created a slightly sinister space with a nod to the Steampunk aesthetic. The dark wood interior provides the perfect setting for carefully selected antiques such as the bar top (which was salvaged from a 1880s NYC tavern), antique ironwork, and the repurposed Gothic church window. The atmospheric 1,600-square-foot open-air patio is illuminated by candles and Edison bulbs and is complete with bar, stage, church pew seating, and shuffleboard. There is a thoughtfully curated bourbon list and hand crafted libations with intriguing names like: Poison Apple, Belladonna, Bluebeard, and Fatal Hour. Edibles include Villains' interpretation of cozy comfort foods. Come straight from work or slip into something more Deco—either way, plan to join us! Cocktails in Historic Places is open to members and non-members alike. Villains Tavern is on the corner of Palmetto and South Santa Fe. Enter the free parking lot on Santa Fe after turning off of Palmetto. The closest Gold Line stop is the Pico/Aliso Station, which is located on the opposite side of the LA River at 1st Street. It's rather a long walk, so you are encouraged to drive or carpool with friends." -ADSLA Location Villains Tavern 1356 Palmetto Los Angeles

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