Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Queen Mary, Long Beach, Ca

This year I returned to the Beautiful Queen Mary to re-live my childhood seeing this ship with my family. Over the past few years I have grown in the realm of exploring the paranormal side of Los Angeles. Which brought me back to checking out the RMS Queen Mary. I went back with armed with my DSLR Nikon, and captured one of the coolest photos I have ever captured. I have shot thousands and thousands of photos and have never seen anything like this:

In this photo, I have done a draw-over of the window in question. When I shot this image, I was just getting a detail of the peeling paint and bolts, rivets on the hulls exterior. Upon reviewing my images, I noticed a violet colored sphere in the window. If you look at the image below this description you can clearly see indentations for eye sockets, a nose, and a mouth. Very cool image indeed!

note: image about with draw-over to show the apparition forming. The violet purple color of the head was interesting as well.
  Image zoomed with subtle level adjustment in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Additional Photos from my Journey inside the Queen Mary:

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